Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Additional Information


Can I come early?

Yes you can. But you will need to let us know. Some of our venues normally run as an Airbnb. As a group we have the place booked exclusively for the Fire Dance community; however, it is common practice for participants to arrive early prior to the ceremony and stay after the ceremony.

There will be some extra charges, payable to  the location’s Airbnb, not to the dance itself. Much of this you will be able to arrange with the dance coordinator for each dance and then pay the land owner directly. Let us know your plans as you book with us.

How are crew positions decided?

The Chief of the dance is the person who oversees the entire ceremony. He or she is the person who will allocate crew positions. And in deciding this the Chief will spend time visioning where each person is meant to serve.

In reality the crew are “as one” and there is lots of cross over. For example, a Dance Guardian will also be rattling, a Drummer will often help on night watch, and a Wisdom Keeper may be needed to help settle a dancer into their place. Please see the Crew Information section of each Dance Location.

I am here for my first time. And I am not dancing. Which crew position is best for me?

You are welcome to discuss this with the Chief if you need to. But they will take this into account. Dance Guardian can be an excellent position to get a good objective viewpoint of the dance as you serve. However, Each Chief of the individual Fire Dance Ceremonies will be more than happy to talk with you regarding the best crew position for you. It can sometimes be that someone will be asked to do a role that they are actually unfamiliar with, and this is sacred in it’s own way; Because, you get to approach it in innocence and trust. You will not be judged in any way at this dance.

Will people be friendly or will it take time for me to be accepted?

You will be welcomed. This is an open-hearted group and we try our best to be authentic! There is no hierarchy of who has done it the longest. Each ceremony is a ceremony in its own right, and your unique gifts will be respected. And we come together as a unique group of people to go on a journey together.

I'd love to dance but I cannot afford the full dance fee

Then please do talk to us. No dancer is ever refused if you are truly called to dance. But we also have many costs to cover for this event, so that is a consideration too. There may be ways to spread the cost too.

Will I need to bring any food?

Food will only be provided from the Friday lunchtime until Sunday lunchtime. So for any time outside of these days you will need to be catering for yourself. Having said that, it is quite possible that in the days leading up we will dine together as a group here and there and a few people may cook at different meal times. So bring the food you need for this time.

Also, during the dance, please do bring any snacks or extra food you need between meal times.

Dietary needs and allergies - will these be catered for?

The predominant style of cooking will probably be vegetarian; however there may be meat and fish here and there.  In terms of allergies and dietary requirements we will try to have some gluten free and some vegan. But we may not be able to cater for every possibility. When you register please tell us of any food allergies and restrictions so we can keep you in mind. And if there are special foods you need please do bring them with you.

Are there shops nearby for buying food etc?

This will depend on the Dance Ceremony Venue you are participating at.  Most of our venues have a market a driving distance of approximately 15 minutes away.

I want to camp but I haven't got a tent. Is there anywhere I can hire from?

Depending on the Venue you are participating in, there are places to hire/rent camping necessities or the venue site may have limited supplies for those traveling in for the ceremony.

Can I arrive late on Friday as I have to work?

We ask that everyone arrives by 12 noon on the Friday. There is a reason for this. We have found, in general, that those arriving later find it harder to settle. They may miss meetings that important information is shared. But also we are forming a community here to go on a powerful journey. And it is best to have everyone on the journey from the start. Thanks.

Can I visit for some of the time? Say all day Saturday for example?

No this is not possible. As above, we like people to be here for the whole journey.

Can I sleep off site and turn up each day?

In general, no. We like to keep the tribe together.

Am I able to attend Fire Dances held in other countries?

Not only, yes, but it is actively encouraged. There are Fire Dances held in Iceland, North Carolina USA, Netherlands, Norway and South Africa at this time. Consider yourself invited to all of them! You will be welcomed.

“Each Fire Dance is like a tribe meeting up. There will be different people at each but the energy is similar in each, but each dance is unique. And you may get the feeling you have known someone for years and you only just met.” – Brett Almond

For the Fire dance in Iceland 2018, there is also dance being held in Norway 2 weeks prior from 13-15 July. Some people are traveling to both.

Click here for the event page for the Norway dance.

Click here for the page for those going to both.

Every Fire Dance around the world will have a corresponding Facebook events page.

Also, click here for the Fire Dance Group Facebook page. Just ask to join and you will be able to see the latest information.

How can I keep up with what is happening?

There is a closed group on Facebook called “Fire Dance”. If you have been to a Fire Dance event or really would like to you can request to join by clicking here.

Also, we can add your name to our newsletter if you wish.

Can children come to the dance?

Children are welcome at the dance. Having said that, it is important that they are supervised. For example, if you are a dancer and your child is with you, you would need to have someone else come with you to look after them, as you won’t be able to from the arbor, as you will be in your own process.

We need to be sure that a child is looked after for their entire time at the dance. If you would like to have your child with you, the best position to serve in is either in the kitchen or as a Dance Guardian. As a Dance Guardian you will find it much easier to look after them and be with them. And they can help too.

This ceremony is a big ceremony, and can sometimes have powerful energies, so a child may need reassurance. Although oftentimes we find they are really comfortable with it all.

“From my experience, some children absolutely love the dances and want to be involved in everything, while others are more than happy to dip in and out. It can vary from child to child. A child under 12 will rarely want to be at every single dance round. So you will need to be flexible in yourself if you bring them with you.” – Brett Almond.

What is the timetable?

We ask everyone to be at the dance site by 12 midday on the Friday. And stay until the event is over, which will be by about 5pm on Sunday. Registration times depends on the individual venue and Chief; however, we do ask that monies can be paid as much as possible before the event. There will also be some lunch and various meetings during the afternoon. The dancers will be placed in the arbor. And then later on in the afternoon the dance will begin. The dance will then continue until Sunday morning.

After the dance stops on Sunday, we will break the dancer’s fast. Then after a break we will all attend a feast. And after the feast there will be a sharing and then the Give-Away. We ask that all stay for the feast and the sharing as this is a part of the ceremony.

What to Bring to the Ceremony

Here’s a list of things you may wish to bring whether you are dancing or crewing:

  • Footwear for outdoors and indoors.
  • Clothes for all kinds of weather. We will dance in all weather, including rain. Clothes for hot, cool, windy and rainy weather – We will dance rain or shine – and we will be dancing after sunset.
  • If on the crew a watch you can carry on you, if you wish. No mobile / cell phones are permitted around or in the dance arbor.
  • Ceremonial skirts – Each person will need to wear a skirt or sarong or wrap around at the dance arbour. This includes both men and women, dancers and non dancers. This should go to below the knees. It can be any colour or material that you wish.

  • At the end of the dance, after the sharing, there will be a Give-Away ceremony. We ask everyone to bring one or more item to give away. This is an item that has had some importance to you but is time to give to another person. (See the information included in your dance location document for more information)
  • Tent and sleeping gear if you are camping.
  • You’ll need to bring your own towels etc. There are showers on site.
  • A torch/flashlight or head lamp is useful for crew. Though probably not so important in Norway or Iceland where it is light nearly all the time in summer. A knife is useful if you are a Dance Guardian, as are gloves.
  • A ceremonial rattle if Dance Guardian. A drum if you are drumming, although not everyone will need a drum. Feather Fan if you are a Fire Father or Fire Mother.
  • Any special foods you need. Food for the lead up time. It may be possible to coordinate between us to cook.

If you are dancing, in addition to items above, you will need to bring ...

  • Two white hand towels. These will be given to the Chief Dance Guardian. And will be used during the dance, when you will be brought wet towels for your own use.
  • Two white sheets (not fitted sheets with elastic in). One will be for you. And the other you will give to the Chief Dance Guardian.
  • Bring your prayer ties that you have made. Also please bring some tobacco, string and cut up squares to make more if you want to while at the dance.
  • Optional – Face Paint. Painting your face before or during the dance is not only allowed, but encouraged.


Signing a Disclaimer

All dancers and crew members will be asked to sign a disclaimer for this event. We will be asking you to take responsibility for your own well-being. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain insurance for an event such as this. Please be assured that we will be continually holding your best interests at heart. And one of our primary concerns is your safety.

Click here to sign your waiver.

Any More Questions?

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