International Coordinator
Brandy Winn

The International coordinator for the Fire Dance is Brandy Winn. Please, contact Brandy at with any general questions about the Fire Dance Ceremony, and she will be able to direct you to the proper Chief and Coordinator team.

In 2015, I had the honor and privilege to experience the Fire Dance Ceremony, for the very first time. At this dance, I felt called to be a dancer. After 3 amazing days in the Arbor, I exited the East Gate forever changed and fully aware that I wanted to stay connected to this dance in whatever way I could. I felt a deep call to be of service to this amazing ceremony that had given so much to me so quickly.

Within weeks after my Dance the opportunity to serve as the Dance Coordinator came knocking, and I gratefully and excitedly jumped in with both feet. My prior experience as a Community and Event Coordinator intertwined with my newfound love of the Fire Dance Ceremony and its tribe came together to weave a web of divine manifestation.

Since that magical and transformative weekend, I have gratefully been able to coordinate a variety of the Fire Dance Ceremonies around the world. In serving this powerful ceremony in this way, I have found my tribe, and a passionate way to be of service to individuals, and the planet.

I look forward to connecting with all who work diligently and lovingly to bring this ceremony to life at all venues. I am excited to witness all that is created from this extraordinary ceremony!