Prayer Ties

Dearest Fire Dancer,

I had a Dancer ask me recently about making prayer ties.  This is a Native American practice of intentional prayer and meditation.  I believe that making Prayer Ties prior to your Dance will help you to focus on the Dance and your individual healing and releasing work.

You can work on Prayer Ties a little each day or sit quietly and do them all at once.  There is no set number for you to make prior to the Dance, but please if you can, make a few.  Some Dancers make thousands before a Ceremony such as this, others may make only seven.  It is up to you as the Dancer to know your prayers and the work you will be doing in the Arbor.

Usually the fabric is cotton and the string is a natural fiber as well.  We say the prayers in accordance with the energies of the seven sacred directions.

East – Yellow – Cleansing, new beginnings, ideas and clarity of thought, your mental body,     transformation, the Butterfly is the Spirit Guardian of the East

South – Red – Soothing, childhood, emotional body, trust and unconditional love, relationships, connection to Mother Earth, the Turtle is the Spirit Guardian of the South

West – Black – Call to action, manifestation, physical healing and the physical body, placement, the Bear is the Spirit Guardian of the West

North – White – Guardian and protector, ancestors, Spiritual body, elders, the Eagle is the Spirit Guardian of the North

Up Above – Blue – Connection to the Star Nation, Father Sky, and the cosmos

Down Below – Green – Mother Earth, Animal Guides, creation

Within – Purple – Connection to the Spirit within, higher self, soul, your unique being

Creator, Great Spirit is in all Directions and colors, ever present

As you make your Prayer Ties, please be mindful that you will be bringing these prayers and intentions into the Dance Arbor with you.  Put your prayer into each tie, and when you are finished please smudge each tie.  It is easiest to keep a little sage or (imphepo in South Africa) burning while you are working on your ties.  If you find that you have many Prayer Ties to make, you may want to wrap them around a stick of some sort to keep them from being tangled.

I have also asked that you bring red fabric and string to the Dance so you can work on additional Prayer Ties when you are resting in the Dance Arbor.  Please have these precut so you will not have to worry with scissors in the Arbor (you may feel a little altered).

Click here for a PDF created by one of the Dance Elders here that shows the details of how to tie the prayers.

I am holding you all in my heart as I tie my Prayers for the Dance as well.  I will be praying for each of you and setting my own intentions for the Dance.  We are all connected by the Fires!  Loving you all for your bravery and strength!