Fire Dance Ireland
County Sligo


Sep 23, 2021 – Sep 26, 2021
Fire Dance Ireland
County Sligo

General Information:
*Dancers and Crew should arrive on Thursday evening if possible; there is much work and preparation to be done in Community.
*We will hold a Sacred Pipe Ceremony on Thursday evening for those wishing to have a prayer ceremony before the Dance.
*All meals will be prepared and served from Thursday dinner thru Sunday lunch
*Crew camping is available on the grounds
*Crew rooms are available by reservation (limited beds available)
*Dancers will sleep in the Dance Arbor (bring what you need for personal comfort)
*Everyone present will participate as Crew or Dancer (no spectators in Ceremony)
Robbie listens to the guidance of Spirit and the Ancestors in making the crew positions requests. It is a beautiful and trusting experience.
Crew Positions are as follows:
Fire Keepers – Literally tend the individual fires in the arbor, but also hold the spirit of the fire and the energy each fire represents.
Drummers – Drum from the heart and keep the rhythm that “carries” the Dancers
Dance Guardians –Guardians of the Dance who work to ensure all needs of the Dance are met, one of the most sacred and honored positions
Kitchen Angels – Hold the Heart of the Dance and nourish and nurture the Crew. Handle the planning and preparing of all meals from Friday lunch through Sunday feast
Fire Mother/Father – Holds the healing space inside the Arbor and works directly with the Dancers as they process and Dance.
Elders – The Wisdom Keepers of the Dance and council to the Chief
Chief – Leader and Keeper of the Vision, Dance, Dancers and Crew
Dancer Donations are on a sliding scale between..$400-$550/ €391-€515*
*it is up to the Dancer to know where they are in their prosperity for a donation
Crew Donations (Friday-Sunday during the Dance)……..….$160/€171* Includes Food, lodging and donation
Before and after the Dance…………………………$28 /€ 25 person per night Includes lodging only